Papillon 2030 Goals

These are the proposed goals for the African American demographic, which we believe can be achieved but only through sustained efforts, across the country, with the members of the demographic working in solidarity, locally, through networks and individually - as part of a movement of covenant.

Merely a wish list? Not if we work in coordination, not in silos and piecemeal. Future generations depend on us to avoid another cycle of failure and low expectations! Working together, every existing civil rights organization (old and new), professional association, house of worship, educational institution, and other civil society organizations acting in concert, with none seeking credit or personal praise, can make it happen.


"People understand and prefer goals. They need a victory, not just news that progress is being made. It is human nature to yearn for finality, something achieved by which their anxieties and fears are put to rest ... It is further our nature to choose large goals that while difficult are potentially game-changing and universal in benefit. To strive against odds on behalf of all ..." - E.O. Wilson



  • Close the black-white unemployment gap, completely
  • Halve the wealth gap
  • Halve the number of new single-parent households
  • Halve the High School drop-out rate
  • Triple the level of household savings
  • Expunge felony convictions for many re-entering citizens
  • Halve Child Poverty
  • Halve College Drop Out Rates
  • Reduce Illiteracy to Zero
  • Cut Obesity and Overweight by Two-Thirds
  • Universal Legal, Financial and Medical Literacy
  • Triple STEM Degree Majors
  • Triple Degrees (or fluency) in Foreign Languages (Especially Mandarin and Spanish)
  • Triple Humanities Degree Majors
  • Eradicate Food Deserts
  • Universal Access to Excellent Health Care
  • Reduce Incarceration Rates by Two-Thirds
  • Double The Number of Senior Corporate Executives
     and Directors
  • Reduce the Number of New HIV Infections by 90 Percent
  • Reduce Teen Pregnancy by 90 Percent
  • Make Graduate Degrees Normative
  • Triple the Representation in the Primary Trades
  • Quadruple the Level of Entrepreneurship
  • Quadruple the Number of Community-Owned Businesses
  • Establish $100 Million Legal Offense Fund
  • Substantially Increase Litigiousness for Civil Rights Violations
  • Establish 1000 New National Pro Bono Networks Across the Country
     (Lawyers, Educators, “System Experts”)
  • Return to Spiritual Values
  • Quadruple Number of Highly Effective Mentors and Mentoring Programs